Intervention Programs

Intervention Program for Men and Intervention Program for Women

  • Intervention Program Director: Taylor Drapor, PhD
  • Intervention Program Co-Facilitator: Lori Pehrson, MA
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who is the program for?

Intervention Programs for Men

Understanding men’s use of force: A man’s violence against his partner is rooted in his belief system that he has the right to control her and gain or maintain dominance in the relationship.  

Groups focus on changing thoughts, behaviors, and belief systems that support the entitlement to control. The groups focus on men’s socialization.

Curriculum: Creating a Process of Change for Men who Batter: The Duluth Curriculum.

who is the program for?

Intervention Programs for Women

The intervention programs for female batterers are designed based on the concept they are both being battered and using repeated acts of violence against their abusers. Women’s motivation to control and abuse is rarely from a sense of entitlement to dominate another person; most often, they act from a perceived right to resist and defend themselves resist and defend themselves.  

Curriculum:Turning Points: A nonviolence curriculum for Women.

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Intervention Program Details

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  • The Intervention Program at Advocates for Family Peace is a Batterer’s Intervention Program (BIP) that was established in 1995.
  • Designed for men and women who engage in domestic abuse (e.g., intimidation, coercion, control, and/or violence).
  • Helps individuals identify, examine, and replace the beliefs that support their use of violence.
  • Identify and discuss the effects of violence on their partner, children, themselves, and the community.
  • Identify and practice non-controlling alternatives.
  • Time: Each group session is one hour.
  • Size of Group: The maximum group size is l0-l2.
  • Co-Facilitation: Group interventions may be co-facilitated by one male and one female for the purpose of modeling healthy egalitarian relationships
  • Monitor the group process: Enrollment/Intake, attendance/progress, outcome/completion.
  • Separate groups should be created, if possible, based on the needs of the client population in cases where there is a language barrier, disability, or other special needs.
  • 24 weeks
  • In-person only
  • $420.00 for 24 weeks

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